About Pamela Hayes Classical Ballet


What Pamela Hayes Classical Ballet Means to Me

By, Julia Piazza

When I was searching for a Classical Ballet studio for my
daughter in the Folsom/Sacramento area I was clear that I
wanted impeccable training for her to blossom and grow
into a strong, healthy dancer. What lfound at Pamela Haye's
Ballet Studio is so much more than I ever could of
On Savannah's first dry of class, when she came to try out
at the studio, she was immediately met with warm smiles
from the parents. The girls Savannah's age came over to her
and said hello and also shared warm smiles. Of course she
was excited and nervous, yet very comfortable with the
feeling in the studio and proceeded to go into the class
without any apprehension whatsoever. I was thrilled and
touched right away by the beauty and excellent training of
the dancers in the class being led by Pamela.
The impeccable attention to detail and energy put into each
and every dancer by Pamela and the teachers is obvious and
inspiring. The lessons go much deeper than just the
physicality of dance. Dancers in the Pamela Hayes Studio
are tearning life lessons that will carry them through not
only their school years and college, but also their entire
lives. The dancers are learning the value of focus and
determination, laced with the joy of dance.
Savannah has been at the studio almost a year now and she
has blossomed in so many ways from her experiences at the
studio. The barre work has been grounding and meditative for
her, which is obvious in her ability to concentrate and focus.
Her confidence and belief in her ability to set a goal, work
hard and see results is an empowering experience that she is
enjoying. The change in her body physically has been far
beyond what I could of imagined for her first year. Her
participation in the Summer lntensive program deepened
her understanding of the language of ballet, the stories
behind the Classics, dance etiquette and professional
performance tools. She also experienced the feeling of
being part of a dance community that exposes young
dancers to a company of semi-professional and professional
dancers and welcomes them in every way during the
performance experience.
What Pam and her staff have managed to create at Pamela
Hayes Ballet Studio is a little miracle of magic, beauty and
impeccable training. Pamela Hayes Ballet is a home for
dancers and their families to enjoy and trust the
development of their dancer will be met in every way.